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EPS Photo Archives

We will share a fun and nostalgic look through the EPS archives with historic photos and articles coming out weekly. You'll also find these photos on our social media pages for #ThrowbackThursday.











*Chief Constable Major W. Beale and the Edmonton Police Force, Photo July 1908

The photo is an incredibly sharp image that provides insight into a number of historical facts. This photo features three chief constables in one photo – Magistrate L.S. Cowan had served as Chief when he supervised two constables in 1901; S. Evans (Silas Evans) had served as a Chief in 1904; and the current Chief (Major W. Beale) is seated front and center in this 1908 photo.

The patrol officers are wearing navy pith hats that display their badge numbers overtop of the cap badge.

The two horses in this photo were purchased in 1905 for $105/each from a farm in Castor, Alberta.

Sgt. Tidsbury became a Deputy Chief before he slipped and fell from a streetcar and suffered a fatal head injury in 1914. 

If you have any historical information, photos or artifacts that you wish to share with the EPS, please contact the EPS 125th Anniversary Organizing Committee.