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Edmonton Five-O Motorsports


About Us

Five-O Motorsports is a nonprofit organization ran by a volunteer group who are all officers of the Edmonton Police Service. As representatives of the Edmonton Police Association, The City of Edmonton and our sponsors; we will conduct ourselves professionally, courteously and with pride.

Our members are of the understanding that their time is strictly volunteer and that there is no compensation financially or time balance from the Edmonton Police Service or any other supporters of this program.

Our motorcycles are transported to the race track only by truck and trailer; they will not be ridden on the streets – No tax dollars are used to maintain, transport or race the bikes.

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Community Policing Partnership

We make several appearances throughout the community. This is where we speak with everyone from children to seniors. We display our bikes in malls, auto shows, and parades in order to expose the program and our sponsors to the public and deliver our message.

Crime Prevention

Although there is no way to measure the success of the program as related to decline or incline of street racing, We encourage all young persons to test their abilities at a safe sanctioned race track. Together with our local track, Castrol Raceway, we hold approximately 20-22 Street Legal race events each year. We have had a tremendous show of support from the young drivers in the community, averaging 175 participants and 1500 spectators at each event.


Our program specifically targets young persons ages 14-25, while most other programs are geared for the elementary student. We talk about traffic safety and our theme is anti-street racing. We discuss their abilities to operate a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. We use the race bikes as a means to get the attention of the youth in our communities. We have made hundreds of appearances at schools, community events, and at the race track.

Accomplishments for 2015

Attended and participated in the 2015 K-Days Parade gaining valuable media coverage.

The motorcycles were on display at the Heritage Days Festival.

Attended the EPA Show and Shine having the bikes on display.

Attended the Great City Event at the Telus World of Science with Blueline Racing.

Attended the 2015 Alberta Employment and Career Fair.

Cst.Kendrick wrote a magazine article that was published in the Edmonton Child Magazine pertaining to road safety and our program.

Attended EPS’ CAT deployment at Westmount Mall having the motorcycles on display with media present alongside Blueline Racing.

Attended all 7 Race weekend events held by the EMRA.

Attended The Rocky Mountain Nationals with Blueline Racing having the bikes on display at their pits.

Attended Strathcona High School with Blueline Racing promoting road safety while introducing the young adults to our programs.