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Stolen Bicycles

You must report your bike lost or stolen to the police. It is advisable that you record and report the serial number to aid in the potential recovery of the bike. The better the description you can provide the better the chance of recovery/identification.

Viewing Recovered Bicycles

If you have a good description of your stolen bicycle (serial number, colour, etc.), you may wish to contact this office at 780-421-2158 and our staff will check to see if your bike is in our inventory. This facility is a secure facility, meaning access to the general public is not permitted. If you have reported/know a complete detailed description of your bike, there is no need to attend as our staff can query our database using a variety of methods. At very least you should be able to provide the make, model, distinguishing marks/engravings (distinguishable meaning unique to that individual bike, not a group of bikes).

Bicycle Auctions

Property auctions are held the first Saturday of every month (excluding statutory holidays whereby the auction is normally held the following Saturday) at Reids Auction Edmonton . Information on dates/times of auctions/viewing can be obtained by calling Reids Auction Edmonton directly at (780) 488-3300.