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The Sexual Offender

To reduce your risk of committing a sexual assault :

  • Ensure your partner consents to sexual activity. You must have consent from your partner before you can legally engage in sexual activity. If someone is passed out, unconscious, or asleep, they are legally unable to give their consent.
  • Ensure a potential partner is of legal age. Ignorance is no excuse.
  • Not knowing what the other person wants sexually could result in pushing someone further than they want to go.
    That is Sexual Assault.
  • Don’t use drugs, avoid excessive alcohol. People under the influence of alcohol interpret situations wrongly and use poor judgment that is regretted later. Often people under the influence have different memories of how events occurred.
  • Communicate your expectations to a potential partner. Misunderstandings and lack of communication, can lead to unwanted situations. Listen to what your partners wishes

Remember that NO MEANS NO even if the other person:

  • Says yes, but changes his or her mind
  • Has been kissing you or making out with you
  • Has had sex with you before
  • Has been drinking alcohol
  • Wears provocative clothing

"NO" means NO.

"Not now" means NO.
"Maybe later" means NO.
"I have a boy/girlfriend" means NO.
"No thanks" means NO.
"You're not my type" means NO.
"*#^+ off!" means NO.
"I'd rather be alone right now" means NO.
"Don't touch me" means NO.
"I really like you but ..." means NO.
"Let's just go to sleep" means NO.
"I'm not sure" means NO.
"You've/I've been drinking" means NO.
"_______ " means NO.

Date Rape = NOT Understanding "NO."