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About the Program

The Police Cadet mandate is to develop and maintain a positive relationship between police members and community youth by: providing an opportunity to participate in educational and recreational activities, involvement in police-related functions, providing a challenge for self-improvement. Cadets are not assigned to duties requiring sworn officer status.

Youth participating in Police Cadets will:

  • Develop an understanding of the police role in the community.
  • Attain self confidence and learn leadership skills.

The police Cadets program is a co-ed program open to young people fourteen to twenty years of age inclusive. The governing executive body consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, and elections are held at the end of September to fill the one year term positions.

The Police Cadet Company meets each week, usually on Wednesdays, from 1800 to 2000 hours to plan and conduct business. The program normally operates from the first of September until the end of June, following a normal school year.

A number of volunteer assistants, including one female, are required to assist in the company’s operation. These assistants may include sworn members of the Edmonton Police Service.

A rank structure has been developed with two Cadet Staff Sergeants and four Sergeants as a chain of command. Each Sergeant is assigned to a squad of approximately nine Cadets. A variety of qualifications are required for eligibility for promotion including a written exam, physical fitness, age, seniority and personality.

Each Cadet Sergeant is responsible for his/her assigned members including the monitoring of dress and deportment, reports, meeting attendance, volunteer time, etc.

Consistent with the employment goals of the Edmonton Police Service, the Cadet Program should also reflect the multicultural nature of the City of Edmonton. Considering the program aims to acquaint Cadets with police work, and in particular, the Edmonton Police Service, preference will be given to the applicants who had little or no exposure to Law Enforcement.

Applicants must:

  • be mature students who attend school during their engagement or have completed high school.
  • pay a minimal registration fee at the commencement of the program. (Registration week is held during the middle of September)
  • not possess a criminal record. (Each applicant is thoroughly screened prior to acceptance)
  • reside in Edmonton or the immediate area.
  • be interested in law enforcement or related fields.
  • be willing to volunteer time to the Edmonton Police Service in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the law and respect for police personnel.

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