Victim Support <p>In our community, citizens live with the fundamental expectation that they will not be victimized. This belief is based on the safety and security provided by law. Through this and&nbsp;in the presence of our justice system, our society has established&nbsp;safe communities and work environments. However, on occasion, and regardless of our best efforts, people do get hurt.</p> <p>When consequences are severe, and people experience serious trauma,&nbsp;victims require support.&nbsp; After a major incident, people sometimes find themselves re-victimized by the justice system, particularly in the treatment they receive when giving evidence. The challenge is to guide the victim through this process through education and support.&nbsp; As a volunteer with&nbsp;<a href="">Victim Services</a> you can be a part of this process.&nbsp; </p> <p>Please check with your local&nbsp;divisional station&nbsp;for volunteer opportunities</p> en 20 Nov 2017 07:57:22 UT Commitment to Professionalism - Reduced Crime &amp; Victimization - Investigative Excellence - Increased Efficiency &amp; Effectiveness<br /> Copyright &copy; 2017, Edmonton Police Service. All rights reserved. Victim Services Advocates required Downtown, N.W., N.E. and West Divisions Positions available : Victim Service Advocates assist victims of crime or tragedy. Assistance may provide support through telephone contact, home visits, court accompaniment or directly assisting police members in circumstances of tragedy or severe stress and trauma. Volunteer roles and responsibilities are contingent up on training and experience. Currently positions are only available at the following VSU Locations: Downtown Division(9620 - 103A Avenue)- 780 391-4503 Northwest Division(11638 142 St.)- 780-421-2761 Southwest Division (1351 Windermere Way)- 780 426-8363 (ONLY Morning and Afternoon Shifts Available) West Division (16505 – 100 Avenue) 780-426-8063 Northeast Division (14203 – 50 Street) 780-426-8163 Volunteer shifts are Monday to Friday, Morning, Afternoon and Evening 25 Feb 2016 15:42:00 UT