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Body Worn Video camera pilot project

Body Worn Video (BWV) is a small video recording system worn as part of police uniform and equipment. It captures an audio-visual record of events as they occur.

A project is underway at the Edmonton Police Service to analyze, evaluate, and report on equipping officers with BWVs.

Potentially there are many benefits for both officers and the public:

  • Record events requiring pursuit and/or use of force, away from a police vehicle;
  • Objective representation of events;
  • Make investigations more efficient and timely;
  • Reduce hostility;
  • Reduce complaints from citizens; and
  • Provide evidence to support prosecutions.

Since the technology is new to Canada, the project will carefully consider and monitor privacy and other legal issues to ensure acceptable use of footage as governed by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) and the Criminal Code.

There are currently no plans in place to adopt this technology at the end of the project.

When will officers wear the cameras?
In October 2012, a small number of officers began testing the cameras in the course of their regular duties.

How will I know if I’m being recorded?
BWV equipment is an overt tool that will be clearly visible to citizens and other EPS members. As soon as it is safe to do so, officers using a BWV camera in recording mode will inform citizens in the vicinity that an interaction is being recorded.