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Digital applications remove barriers for future police officers

New Alberta Police Applicant Tracking System

For Immediate Release:01-Mar-2018 @ 10:00 AM
MRU #:18R026

The Edmonton Police Service is launching a new tool to modernize the way individuals apply to become police officers, and increase their opportunities to find careers in law enforcement as well.



“EPS has re-engineered our recruitment process on every level to attract, encourage, and support qualified applicants from all backgrounds,” says Supt. Denis Jubinville with EPS Human Resources.  “We’re taking our recruiting campaigns into diverse communities, providing more mentoring and training opportunities, and removing potential barriers from anyone interested in pursuing a career in policing.”   


EPS in partnership with police agencies across the province, developed the new Alberta Police Applicant Tracking System (APATS) to standardize and streamline the application process, and create more consistency and professionalism in Alberta policing.


APATS was made possible by a $260,000 Labour Market Development grant from the Government of Alberta.


“The Alberta government supports technology and innovation – and we are thrilled to help fund a tool that makes it easier for Canadians embarking on a career in law enforcement,” says the Honourable Christina Gray, Minister of Labour.  “I commend the Edmonton Police Service, and all of its policing partners, for their dedication to making this new system a reality.  I’m proud that we are a part of this valuable initiative that will better serve Albertans.”


The application process to become a police officer is thorough and involved, but was previously complicated by paper files, and the need to deliver or mail application forms.  These files created challenges for applicants as well as for recruiters who had to process, review and store them.


APATS is easy to use, and individuals are able to apply online at any time, from any location, and from any device they choose including a smartphone.  Applicants simply need to create their own account, and completed applications are kept on file and valid for one year from the date of submission. 


The online application process also streamlines and accelerates the screening and selection process, so applicants can be notified of their progress or any potential issues faster.


The online application system is now live, and EPS is accepting applications for 115 constable positions in 2018.  EPS will still be accepting paper application packages until June 30, 2018.


The Edmonton Police Service was recently named one of Alberta’s Top 70 Employers for 2018 for its progressive human resource programs and employee engagement.


For more information on the online application process, or policing careers, please visit www.JoinEPS.ca.  The new online application portal is also available directly at APATS.


Please contact Chad Orydzuk at 780-421-2823 for more information.

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