Success Stories Below is a list of stories and articles about the Edmonton Police Service and its members. en 10 Oct 2015 06:57:54 UT Commitment to Professionalism - Reduced Crime &amp; Victimization - Investigative Excellence - Increased Efficiency &amp; Effectiveness<br /> Copyright &copy; 2015, Edmonton Police Service. All rights reserved. Yellowcard Day - #nogoodway to use the R-word Jenny Murray, a Special Olympics athlete and five-time medal winner, spoke at the Yellowcard Day event hosted by Edmonton Police Service on October 8th at City Hall. <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Here&rsquo;s some of what she had to say about how she feels when she hears people using the R-word (retard). </p> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">&ldquo;They say that sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. Well, I&rsquo;m here to tell you it does hurt. When I started going to school the kids made fun of me because I had an overbite. It made me feel very upset about myself. And when I went home my neighbourhood friends would tease me and call me the R-word. I didn&rsquo;t want to go out to play and just wanted to stay at home. Even though my family made me feel special, when I would hear the R-word it made me feel sad. I&rsquo;d like to challenge people to find other words to express themselves rather than using the R-word.&rdquo;</p> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Yellowcard Day is held annually on October 8<sup>th</sup>, and aims to eliminate the casual use of the R-word in everyday conversation. Edmonton Police Service and the law enforcement community have enjoyed a long-standing, rich history with Special Olympics athletes. &nbsp;</p> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">&ldquo;Today I ask all of the men and women in law enforcement to become ambassadors for this important initiative and to take the pledge to stop using the using the R-word,&rdquo; said Superintendent Mark Neufeld with Edmonton Police Service. &ldquo;Not because you must, but because you can, and because it matters.&rdquo; </p> <p style="text-align: center; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><img alt="" width="600" height="462" src="~/media/D2C420F707A149AE9CF6479875CD871F.ashx" /></p> <p style="text-align: center; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;"><em>(EPS' Supt. Neufeld, Special Olympics gold medalist Jenny Murray, President of Special Olympics AB Johnny Byrne, CTV's Rob Williams)</em></p> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Please go to <a href=""></a> and take the pledge to stop using the R-word. Use social media to spread the message, because there is <b>#nogoodway</b> to use the R-word!</p> 09 Oct 2015 17:42:00 UT Edmonton’s Most Wanted Have you checked our Most Wanted Webpage recently? <p>We keep it current by adding new entries every week. We also use Facebook, Twitter, and our mobile app to share our Most Wanteds with the public.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>All of the individuals listed on our&nbsp;<a href="~/link.aspx?_id=C5C0000EF8AE4CC8938C49294EA0D36C&amp;_z=z">Most Wanted Webpage</a> have outstanding warrants. In some cases, there are numerous warrants for one person.</p> <p><b>What&rsquo;s a criminal warrant?</b></p> <p>A criminal warrant is a legal document that empowers the police to arrest an individual because they have broken a law, or numerous laws, and has not appeared in court to answer to their charges. Sometimes warrants are issued for people who haven&rsquo;t been arrested at all because they are a threat to public safety and cannot be located right away. </p> <p>For instance, if someone is arrested for breaking into a house, they will be charged with Break and Enter and given a court date. If this person does not show up for court, a warrant for Break and Enter will be issued for this person, as well as a Fail to Appear for Court warrant &ndash; which is an additional criminal charge. Taken further, if this person was wearing a mask at the time of the Break and Enter, they will also have an additional warrant for wearing a disguise.</p> <p>And that is why some individuals have numerous warrants on record. We once arrested someone with 113 warrants!</p> <p><b>We rely on you!</b></p> <p>We always do our best to catch up with people who have outstanding warrants, but Edmonton is a big city. So, we rely on you to help us out. </p> <p>Recently a sharp-eyed Edmontonian helped us catch up with an individual who had three warrants, including one for assault with a weapon. The citizen who contacted us had seen a photo of the individual on our Most Wanted page.</p> <p>Because of this page, we&rsquo;ve arrested&nbsp;50 people (for a total of&nbsp;464 warrants) since April 2015.</p> <p>Please be sure to check out the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=C5C0000EF8AE4CC8938C49294EA0D36C&amp;_z=z">Most Wanted Webpage </a>every week. You&rsquo;re our eyes and ears on the street!</p> 25 Sep 2015 14:06:00 UT This is Who We Are - Heavy Users of Services Project <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p> <p>As part of the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=060DBF88A8F744CC917A643EF5C2E5AC&amp;_z=z">EPS Violence Reduction Strategy</a>, Heavy Users of Service (HUoS) was established by 16 community stakeholders who believed a new and unique harmonization was necessary to address Edmonton&rsquo;s most at-risk citizens.<hr /> </p> <p>For more<em> This is Who We Are,</em> <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=EE3E8C7DEBD842F391E075BC2E6B5402&amp;_z=z">click here</a>.</p> 22 Sep 2015 17:00:00 UT Mayor Iveson recognizes award-winning officers <p>On Wednesday, September 9, Mayor Iveson and Edmonton City Council recognized award-winning members of the Edmonton Police Service. Members of the Edmonton Police Commission, and the Edmonton Police Foundation, were in attendance at the ceremony.</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><b><img alt="" style="width: 500px; height: 334px;" src="~/media/2C9549DE4E5245C188FD9A64A1D94986.ashx" /><br /> </b><b>School Resource Officers (SROs) win the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Award for Emergency Preparedness)</b></p> <p>When we talk about front-line policing, SROs are about as frontline as you can get. 19 of them operate out of 21 high schools.</p> <p>Being an SRO is one of the most rewarding postings there can be for a police officer. They build relationships with students from all walks of life.</p> <p>And, they&rsquo;re highly trained; specializing in various areas of emergency preparedness. Their training is so valuable, that businesses look to them to assist in creating their own lockdown procedures and protocols, to conduct security assessments and to make related recommendations.</p> <p>&ldquo;Their winning the CACP Emergency Preparedness Award is a testament to their skills and hard work,&rdquo; noted Deputy Chief Tony Harder, who attended the City Council recognition ceremony.</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><b><img alt="" width="499" height="334" src="~/media/6D22819EA6E3474A8F87A313882A504A.ashx?h=334&amp;w=499" /><br /> Former SRO, Const. Stacy Miskolczi, first Canadian police officer to win the National Association of School Resource Officers Award of Valour</b></p> <p>Const. Miskolczi saved the life of a staff member at L.Y. Cairns High School in November 2014.</p> <p>When she heard that the individual had collapsed, she rushed to the scene and found him unconscious and unresponsive. She administered chest compressions while a teacher grabbed the automated external defibrillator machine. </p> <p>The individual regained his heartbeat and was rushed to the hospital where he fully recovered.</p> <p>Const. Miskolczi&rsquo;s quick response, and her CPR training, saved his life.</p> <p>After recognizing Const. Miskolczi, Mayor Iveson led a standing ovation for her.</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><b><img alt="" width="499" height="334" src="~/media/BF0493230435470C9D790C5AA581DD8E.ashx?h=334&amp;w=499" /><br /> Coordinated Counterfeit Credit Card Unit Detective Bill Allen won the CACP Bank of Canada 2015 Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence Award</b></p> <p>A 28-year police officer, Detective Allen has covered a lot of areas in policing. He is regularly stopped on the street by people he has helped over the years; people who want to thank him for helping them when they were victims of crime.</p> <p>Sometimes they just want to say hello to the friendly police officer who used to walk the beat in their neighbourhood. These interactions are the hallmark of a successful police officer, one who has built positive community relations, one who carries his EPS badge with pride.</p> <p>He is the Northern Alberta Vice President of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, and is a long-serving member of the Cross Border Fraud Association.</p> <p>&ldquo;Detective Allen comes from a police family, and is a senior detective with a history of work-related awards. His expertise in the area of fraud crimes makes him a very valuable asset to the EPS,&rdquo; said Deputy Chief Harder.</p> 17 Sep 2015 16:11:00 UT 2015 Second Quarter Report to the Community <p>Together, the Edmonton Police Commission (EPC) and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have developed a plan to provide exemplary police services and enhance community safety. </p> <p>Each quarter we report on these measures to City Council and the community. This is the Second Quarter Report for 2015.</p> <iframe width="525" height="343" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe> 11 Sep 2015 13:47:00 UT Deadly drug more potent than heroin Fentanyl overdoses on the rise. <p style="text-align: center;"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p> <p>Touching or ingesting even a small amount of pure Fentanyl can render a person unconscious and in need of immediate medical attention. </p> <p>&ldquo;All it takes is the equivalent of two microns of Fentanyl on your skin or tongue to cause respiratory distress,&rdquo; says Detective Guy Pilon with EPS Drug &amp; Gang Section.</p> <p>In its legal prescription form, Fentanyl is a powerful pain killer.</p> <p>The street version, which goes under various names including Apache, China Girl, and Dance Fever, is responsible for hundreds of deaths across Canada.</p> <p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s fifty to a hundred times more potent than morphine and thirty to fifty times more potent than heroin,&rdquo; Pilon says.</p> <p>That potency is why Fentanyl is growing in popularity among drug addicts.&nbsp; And why so many addicts end up overdosing.</p> <p>Naloxone or Narcan can be used to reverse the effects of opioids such as Fentanyl.</p> <p>&ldquo;A person overdosing on Fentanyl will experience an immediate decrease in their breathing and heart rate,&rdquo; Pilon warns.&nbsp; &ldquo;It&rsquo;s crucial they receive emergency medical attention immediately.&rdquo;</p> 13 Aug 2015 17:44:00 UT 2015 First Quarter Report to the Community <p>Together, the Edmonton Police Commission (EPC) and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have developed a plan to provide exemplary police services and enhance community safety. </p> <p>Each quarter we report on these measures to City Council and the community. This is the First Quarter Report for 2015.</p> <iframe width="525" height="172" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe> 03 Jul 2015 18:35:00 UT Free the Fuzz 2015 raises $20,000 for Special Olympics Sixteen Special Olympics athletes helped raise over $20,000 at the 2015 Free the Fuzz event from June 19 through 21. <p><img alt="" style="margin-left: 1px; vertical-align: middle;" src="~/media/8BF2E09ADFE14165A241DF368C9F4B41.ashx" /></p> <p>Five law enforcement officers spent 53 hours on scaffolding attached to the Cabela&rsquo;s south side Edmonton store while athletes and other volunteers accepted donations to help &lsquo;free the fuzz.&rsquo; </p> <p>Jenny Murray has been an athlete with Special Olympics for four years, winning four gold medals in snowshoeing at the provincial level in 2014. Representing Alberta at the National Winter Games in 2016 in the snowshoeing event, Jenny plans to train six days a week this year.&nbsp; </p> <p>&ldquo;The support from the Law Enforcement Torch Run, Free the Fuzz, and dedicated volunteers have helped make it possible for me to compete as an athlete with Special Olympics,&rdquo; said Jenny Murray.</p> <p>Representing Canada in July at the Summer World Special Olympics in Los Angeles in swimming, April Lam&mdash;another Free the Fuzz volunteer&mdash;knows first-hand how critical fundraising is to her success.</p> <p>&ldquo;I wouldn&rsquo;t be where I am without the hard work of the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Their activities raise awareness and money for Special Olympic athletes like me,&rdquo; said Lam. &ldquo;I hope to win a lot of medals and make Canada proud.&rdquo; </p> The Free the Fuzz event falls under the umbrella of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. The torch run is part of an international movement, the largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle for Special Olympics. 29 Jun 2015 21:03:00 UT This is Who We Are - Police Information Check Section A police information check is the most effective risk mitigation tool available to any employer, volunteer organization or post-secondary institution. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> <p>It provides the information required to make an informed decision regarding an individual&rsquo;s suitability for either an employment or volunteer position.</p> <p>Ensuring all employees obtain a police information check prior to commencing employment is an effective means in which to ensure that you are providing a safe and secure workplace for all your employees. A police information check will also alert you to any situations where an individual may not be suitable for a position in your organization. This is information critical in the screening process of any new employee.</p> <p>A Vulnerable Sector Check is required if you will be responsible for the well-being of children under the age of 18, the elderly or the disabled. A vulnerable sector search is designed to protect vulnerable people from dangerous offenders. </p> <a href="" target="_blank">Visit the EPS website for more information and for an application.</a> 23 Jun 2015 20:30:00 UT Line of Duty Death - Update An Edmonton Police Service officer was shot and killed on June 8, 2015 following an incident in southwest Edmonton. <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p> <p>Chief Rod Knecht and Mayor Don Iveson provide an update on the June 8, 2015 Line of Duty Death. </p> <p>To see&nbsp;the&nbsp;first news conference, <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=33AFA2A40A1741C9886F3D543CBFD563&amp;_z=z">click here</a>. &nbsp;</p> 09 Jun 2015 18:22:00 UT