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Edmonton Police Cadets recognized for service


On Wednesday, May 31st, over 200 family members and friends of Edmonton Police Cadets attended the 2017 Service Recognition Ceremony.


Seven Edmonton Police Cadets proudly accepted awards for outstanding attitude, behaviour, and commitment to their fellow cadets and the corps.

One cadet, Alyssa, received the Unsung Hero Award and the Dress and Deportment award on Wednesday. Between September 2016 - May 2017, she has put in 253 hours in-class, in training, and as a community volunteer. Alyssa is even going to come back as a youth instructor! Our new cadets will be lucky to have her!

Alyssa wrote about her time as an Edmonton Police Service Cadet,

"I am Alyssa Kropielnicki and I am 17 years old. I have wanted to become a police officer since I was 13 years old! For the past 10 years ,I danced competitively and for fun. I am a bit of a country girl, since I come from the small town of Tofield. I joined the police cadets to pursue my interest as a police officer. I thought it would be a great experience with peers that had the same interest as me, and to meet and connect with people within the Service. I was quite nervous to send in my application knowing how many candidates were out there hoping for the same opportunity!

I have gained leadership skills that will help guide me through my future endeavors, such as public speaking, team work, and under pressure scenarios. Police cadets has given me pride and confidence to succeed and make me feel welcome. Cadets has also provided me the chance to learn criminal law, and engage in physical activities to better ourselves and to build a foundation in the knowledge of possible future applicants. The program has pushed me to limits and tested my abilities to prepare for the future. We have been so lucky to have such supportive members to guide us to give us knowledge and experience. Cadets has set me up with numerous activities varying from volunteer work, to gaining contact and connecting with other youth.

I will most certainly take away all of the memories generated from the first time I stepped into Griesbach and know that I have met lifelong friends. I have gotten an idea of what possibilities are out there for myself and peers to chase. We all have generated and have reached goals to become stronger people. I can whole-heartedly say that Police Cadets has shaped me into becoming a motivated, successful woman."

Collectively, the cadet group logged an impressive 1,956 volunteer hours since September of 2016. 

The following awards were handed out at the ceremony:

Danny Kam Memorial Award: Cadet Allan ANDERSON
This award is presented to the cadet that shows exemplary dedication, spirit, and enthusiasm to the Cadet Corps.

Unsung Hero Award: Cadet Alyssa KROPIELNICKI and Cadet Laila ELBERY
This peer-voted award is presented to the cadet who is an integral part of the Cadet Corps, quietly leading by example and not seeking attention for their efforts.  

Top Fitness Award: Cadet Breanna PHILLIPS
This award goes to the cadet who has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to improving and encouraging overall health and fitness.

Outstanding Volunteer Award: Cadet Michaela LALANDE
This award goes to cadets who have displayed outstanding commitment to the volunteer component of the program, logging a rare 800 volunteer hours. 

Dress and Deportment Award: Cadet Alyssa KROPIELNICKI
his award is presented to the cadet who best exemplifies a conscientious state of dress and deportment, and encourages others to take pride in their uniforms.

Leadership Award: S/Sgt. Nicholas WALTER 
This award recognizes the cadet who has exhibited exemplary leadership qualities throughout the year, leading through example and promoting the values and goals of the Edmonton Police Cadet Corps.

Congratulations to all of our Cadets and their outstanding achievements!