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Deputy Chief Recognized for Contributions to Indigenous Community


Deputy Chief Tony Harder was presented with an Eagle feather and Pendleton blanket in recognition of his contributions to the Indigenous community at a special ceremony at Amiskwaciy Academy on February 21, 2017.

The presentation was facilitated by Elder Francis Whiskeyjack and Amiskwaciy Principal Fred Hines, and brought together school staff and students, ceremonial drummers, community members, and EPS and Government of Alberta Indigenous Relations employees.

To be given an Eagle feather and Pendleton blanket is a great honour and sign of respect among Indigenous peoples.  The Eagle is the messenger of the Creator and its sacred feathers symbolize respect, honour, humbleness, truth, love, strength, courage, wisdom and freedom.  Blankets also symbolize respect and honour, and when a blanket is placed on a person, it symbolizes wrapping them with the admiration and support of the community.     

Over the years, Deputy Chief Harder has helped to build a partnership between the EPS and Amiskwaciy Academy, as well as a relationship of trust and understanding with Edmonton’s Indigenous community.

Deputy Chief Tony Harder retires from the EPS on March 3, 2017, after almost 35 years of dedicated and outstanding service to citizens.