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Victim Services Unit Program Evaluation 

The Edmonton Police Service Victim Services Unit (VSU) is conducting a program evaluation to ensure that the services we provide meet the needs of the people we assist. You have been asked to participate in this survey because at one time you were offered or you accessed support from EPS victims’ services. Your answers will help inform our services, which in turn will assist others who have experienced crime or a traumatic event.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The survey includes very general questions about you, the type of crime or event you experienced, what support you received and whether you felt that support was valuable. If you have accessed victim services more than once, please choose only one of these events to talk about.

Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and anonymous. It is your choice whether to participate or not. If you do not wish to answer a question you may skip it. You may stop the survey at any time.

You can access the survey by clicking here.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting:   
Phone: 780-421-2217

The Edmonton Police Service’s Victim Services Unit (VSU) was established on July 23, 1979 and since then has been committed to improving the overall service it provides to the public and enhancing the safety of the community. We recognize we must continually seek innovative ways to build public trust, forge community partnerships and work together to prevent and deter crime. The Unit is in contact with at least thirty thousand victims annually and approximately 20,000 hours are volunteered by the Advocates each year.

Our mission is to provide support, referral and information to victims of crime and tragedy.

As a strategic partner with the Edmonton Police Service, VSU looks forward to addressing the emerging needs of our community and to raising the standard of the service we provide. If you have been the victim of a crime and would like support, please contact us.

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