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Green Team

There has been an increase in the proliferation of marijuana grow operations in the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta. Marijuana grow ops have become highly organized and sophisticated. Marijuana production has become a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada and it's the economic engine of organized crime!

The Green Team is coordinated through the Province’s Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) to combat the increase in marijuana grow operations throughout Alberta.

The Green Team collects tips and searches for marijuana grow houses. When enough evidence is found, search warrants are obtained and operations are raided and shut down - charges are laid against those responsible for the grow-ops. The Green Team has dismantled in excess of 500 grow operations since it began.

Most marijuana grow operations are located in residential areas but are not restricted to the indoors. Some operations are located outdoors throughout Alberta.  A great deal of electricity is required to run a grow operation, so operators usually tamper with the home's electrical supply by bypassing the utility meters. Some risks include hazards such as chemical disposal and fire hazards due to overheated ballasts and faulty wiring.

Police and health agencies are also concerned with the build up of toxic moulds and poisonous gases that are vented outside and released into the surrounding neighbourhood. The cost of the stolen electricity, the property damage grow-ops cause, and the acts of violence occurring among the individuals who operate marijuana grow operations are of major concern to police.

Here is a list of indicators that a house in your neighbourhood may be a marijuana grow operation:

  • Few people are seen coming and going from the home;
  • Visits with people are late at night or very short;
  • There are strange smells coming from the home, often at the same time of day or night. It can smell strongly of fabric softener or have a "skunk" smell;
  • People come and go with large, bulky items or garbage bags;
  • There is evidence of tampering to the electric metre (damaged or broken seals) or the ground around it;
  • There are water and/or electrical cords running to the basement or outbuildings;
  • The home makes a humming sound or has motorized, fan-like noises;
  • The property has excessive security (guard dogs, "keep out" signs, high fences, heavy chains or locks on gates);
  • The windows of the home are always covered and have condensation on them;
  • The owners are never seen taking groceries or furniture into the home. They put out little or no garbage.

What to look for in a Grow Op

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Unsafe Wiring


Vents Replace


If you have any information on a marijuana grow operation, call police at (780) 423-4567 or contact Crimestoppers.