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Community and Operations Support Unit

The Edmonton Police Service values the advancement of equity, diversity and human rights for its employees and volunteers, as well as the residents of Edmonton.

The EPS upholds the inherent dignity, worth, and rights of each individual and recognizes that the diversity of the population of Edmonton is a source of strength that enriches and benefits all residents of the city.

We recognize and uphold the principle of equitable access to appropriate services for all Edmontonians whatever their race, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, linguistic background, citizenship, age, place of origin, marital or family status, or ability.

The EPS Chief’s Committee recognizes that the work of the Community and Operations Support Unit is integrally tied to the Edmonton Police Service’s six core values: integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, courage, and community.

As such, the EPS Chief’s Committee has tasked the Community and Operations Support Unit with assisting the Edmonton Police Service in achieving its vision. This vision is of a safe and vibrant city, created in partnership with the community through innovative and responsive policing, where the principles, policies, and practices of equity, diversity and human rights are integrated and upheld throughout the police service.

The Community and Operations Support Unit will assist the EPS in achieving this vision by focusing on three pillars of equity, diversity and human rights integration:

  1. Education and Professional Development
    Supporting EPS members in developing the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, to provide an efficient, effective and professional police service for Edmonton’s diverse communities.
  2. Community Engagement
    Supporting the EPS in working in partnership with Edmonton’s diverse communities to reduce crime and victimization by strengthening trust, communication, and collaboration with one another.
  3. Fair, Equitable and Inclusive Workplace Practices
    Assisting the EPS in creating a work environment that has policies, practices, and processes that ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees, as well as employment systems that are free of barriers that might impede the full participation of every individual in the organization.