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Indigenous Relations Detail

As Edmonton’s Indigenous community continues to expand, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has identified the need for a specific unit to generate partnerships within the Indigenous community. IRD was developed to build better relations with the Indigenous community in an effort to reduce the victimization of the Indigenous people. IRD is committed to creating strategies that reduce the over-representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system.

IRD consists of an EPS Sergeant and a civilian member who provide a multi-disciplinary approach to educating the Indigenous community and front line police members alike. The goal of IRD is to identify specific needs in the community and implement strategies on how to effectively develop positive relationships with one another. The EPS is involved with the Indigenous Community Liaison Committee to gather input from Indigenous community members on how the EPS can better support and assist those communities.

IRD has developed an information page that has links to various support programs and outreach programs for Indigenous people within Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Please refer to these links for upcoming social programs and educational opportunities.