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Police and Community Engagement

The Police and Community Engagement Program (PACE) is a major part of our Community Relations Section.

PACE was established in 2018 with the intent to engage and build relationships with Indigenous, diverse, and emerging (Immigrant, Refugee, Temporary Foreign Worker) communities with the goals of:

  • providing positive community engagement with culturally-diverse communities,
  • reducing barriers to police and community interactions,
  • increasing opportunities for proactive policing initiatives,
  • supporting community engagement as a core element of policing activity, and
  • encouraging the reporting of crime and victimization in culturally-diverse communities.

PACE team members are police officers drawn from various ranks throughout the organization. These officers are passionate about engaging with the community and do this work outside of their regular assigned duties. They have received in-depth training on topics such as vulnerability and empathy, bias awareness, Indigenous historic trauma, and anti-racism theory.

You will often see the PACE team at community events and presentations such as community barbecues, cultural celebrations and festivals, crime prevention events, or taking part in fitness and sporting events (Yes; EPS has a cricket team and while they may not be world champs- they are pretty fun to watch!).   

PACE team members are also in the community serving as instructors in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program and other presentations for new Canadians. Attending community forums and intercultural dialogue sessions provide team members the opportunity to actively listen to community concerns and collectively develop community driven solutions. PACE team members also support local initiatives by connecting organizations with EPS and other community service agencies.

In 2019, the team attended almost 200 community events. As the interest of local organizations to have team members participate in community events grows, so has PACE. We have a full-time constable who coordinates the activities of 40 PACE members. We are also regularly supported by divisional members who, after taking part in a community event, will often put in a request to formally join the team.

Edmonton is our city and diversity is our strength. Real change happens when it is led by the community and supported by the police and other service providers and by working together we can make a big impact on the safety and well-being of our community.

Would you like to have a PACE team member attend your event? Please send your request via e-mail to: PACE@edmontonpolice.ca at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

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