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Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Advisory Council

Are you interested in shaping a police service to better serve members of sexual and gender diverse communities? Looking for a meaningful way to contribute to your community? The SOGIE might be just the opportunity you are looking for.

What is the SOGIE?

The SOGIE is made up of public and EPS members and has the mandate of:

1. Informed public input into EPS strategy, policy, planning and service delivery that:

  • improves the quality of services and public satisfaction through effective planning for sexual and gender diverse communities;
  • prevents stigma and discrimination faced while accessing and navigating the policing  system; and


2. A vehicle for the public and communities to identify existing and emerging policing  issues affecting sexual and gender diverse communities; and

3. Suggestions to EPS on ways to improve “customer service”, access and sustainability of safe and inclusive police services in Edmonton.

4. Advise and recommendations and act as a resource to EPS as it plans and delivers public engagement processes and activities as well as the recommendations borne from them. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a group of diverse people with a keen interest in guiding EPS as it implements recomendations borne from public engagement efforts. 

In addition to interest in or experience with working with or for sexual and gender diverse communities, interest or experience in the following would be considered an asset:

  • Working with community or civic organizations
  • Providing advice and recommendations to a large organization
  • Considering diverse perspectives
  • Implementing new policies in a large organization 
  • Developing and implementing work plans
  • Consensus based decision making
  • Monitoring, reporting and evaluating outcomes


Time Commitment 

  • A two (2) year term that begins in January 2021
  • A minimum of 2-5 volunteer hours a quarter
  • Attend 4 regularly scheduled meetings of the SOGIE during the year (Quarterly)
  • Additional meetings may be held as required

Application Process:

Interested applicants should submit their responses to the attached application questions, resume and two references to SOGIE@edmontonpolice.ca no later than February 5th, 2021. 

Please contact SOGIE@edmontonpolice.ca at least three days prior to the application deadline if you would like to speak to a current SOGIE member about our work, or the application process.

Interviews will take place during the month of February. Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.