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Animal Safety

Many Edmontonians have animals as a part of their family and it is the animal owner's responsibility to take care of their pet and follow Edmonton's Bylaws. The Edmonton Humane Society's animal protection officers enforce Alberta's Animal Protection Act, whereas the Edmonton Police Service typically does not handle animal-related calls unless it is an emergency or criminal in nature. Here is a list of resources for citizens and pet owners:


  • Know what to do if you see an unattended pet or child in a car on a hot day. Click here.
  • If you have a concern about an abandoned animal, please call 780-491-3517.
  • See the City of Edmonton's website on Pets and Wildlife for more information on lost pets, responsible pet ownership, license information, and more.
  • With the help of our partners at the Edmonton Humane Society, we have compiled a few short videos in response to common animal-related questions:  

What to do if you're concerned for the well-being of a pet in Edmonton:

What to do if you see an animal left in a vehicle on a hot or cold day:

What to do if an animal bites you:

What to do if you've lost your pet in Edmonton:

A Vehicle is not a Babysitter

Download our Vehicle is not a Babysitter handbill so you know what to do if you see an unattended child or animal in a car on a hot day.