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Report A John

Please assist us in the tracking of 'john' activity in your community. Your information will be used to understand where and how much Sex Trade activity is occurring in Edmonton neighbourhoods.  Use the Tab button to move from field to field, NOT the enter button. Click on the Submit button, at the bottom of the form, to send your information to the EPS Crime Analysis Section.

Users should be aware that submitting a false report for malicious reasons or even as a practical joke is a very serious offense (Public Mischief s. 140 of the Criminal Code) and can result in criminal prosecution. All information submitted in these forms is completely confidential.

Report a John

Are you reporting john activity within the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
Information concerning the location:
e.g. 54 Street and 12 Avenue
e.g. 00-06-25 (YY-MM-DD)
e.g. 7:15am or Approx 3:20pm
Information regarding the 'John' activity at the above location

What was the subject doing
Describe vehicle: color, make, number of occupants
Note anything regarding the activity of the John