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Community Station Closures

On June 16, 2016 the Edmonton Police Commission supported the gradual closing of public reporting counters at all community stations across Edmonton, and a complete closure of other community facilities.

On September 1, 2016, Old Strathcona* and Namao Community Stations closed. On October 1, 2016, Summerlea* and Ottewell* Community Stations closed. On November 4, 2016, the McDougall Community Station closed.

Police officers working on the front reporting counters will be redeployed, as determined by community needs. In those locations where only the front counter has closed, police officers will continue to work out of the existing building. Where the entire facility has closed, both Edmonton school boards have expressed a willingness to provide office space in nearby schools and school board buildings. This will reduce the need for District police officers to return to main Divisional stations over the course of a shift.

Station closure decisions are never easy. However, since 2005, workloads at these facilities have decreased significantly due to changes in the reporting habits of citizens and new ways of reporting crime (e.g. online crime reporting), which make it easier for a citizen to report from home.

Signage will be placed at the station redirecting citizens to other police facilities in the area, and to online crime reporting.

Individuals in the Namao area wishing to file a police report can do so by contacting the Calder Community Station 12540-132 Avenue (780-496-8535) or Northeast Division 14203-50 Street (780-426-8100). 

Individuals in the Old Strathcona or Ottewell areas wishing to file a police report can do so by contacting Southeast Division at 104 Youville Drive East (780-426-8200) or Downtown Division, 9620 – 103A Avenue (780-421-2200).

Individuals in the Summerlea area wishing to file a police report can do so by contacting West Division at 16505 – 100 Avenue (780-426-8000).

Individuals in the McDougall area wishing to file a police report can do so by contacting Downtown Division, 9620 - 103A Avenue (780-421-2200).

*EPS members will continue to work out of the Old Strathcona, Summerlea and Ottewell buildings, but the front counters will be closed to the public.

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