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EPS Dashboard

The EPS Dashboard is a platform for the Edmonton Police Service to tell a data-driven story of its performance and the current state of public safety in Edmonton. The EPS Dashboard resides on the City of Edmonton’s Open Data Portal (data.edmonton.ca) – a platform that has earned the City numerous awards and recognition as being a Canadian leader in Open Data. Edmonton crime statistics and police performance data can be accessed at: dashboard.edmonton.ca/eps.

Sample content from the EPS Dashboard

The dashboard provides “at a glance” results for policing topic areas, and allows users to click through to each area to learn more with measure descriptions, visualizations of historical data, and links to additional information. Users can also access all underlying dashboard data to share, download and comment on.

The EPS Dashboard is composed of over 20 policing topic areas that can answer questions such as:

  • What Are Edmonton’s crime levels at the city-level and by neighbourhood?
  • What proportion of reported-crime does EPS solve?
  • How many persons are out there with outstanding EPS Criminal Warrants?
  • How quickly does EPS respond to 911 Emergencies?
  • How many complaints does the public make against EPS conduct?

For any questions, comments, or requests for new dataset releases, please get in touch with us at dashboard@edmontonpolice.ca.