Fatal Hit and Run Files https://www.edmontonpolice.ca/CrimeFiles/HitandRun/FatalHitRun The Edmonton Police Service is looking for assistance for any relevant information to help solve these fatal hit and run files.<br> en 27 Sep 2023 06:11:10 UT Commitment to Professionalism - Reduced Crime &amp; Victimization - Investigative Excellence - Increased Efficiency &amp; Effectiveness<br /> Copyright &copy; 2023, Edmonton Police Service. All rights reserved. Hit & Run Causing Death - 88 Street & 127 Avenue https://www.edmontonpolice.ca:443/CrimeFiles/HitandRun/FatalHitRun/88Street127Ave1985Feb19 On February 19, 1985 at approximately 7:15 pm, Robert PHILLIPS was riding a bicycle west bound on 127 avenue at 88 Street. Robert was riding to his friend’s house after babysitting for a family friend when he was struck from behind by a van. The driver fled the scene, leaving Robert lying on 127 avenue in the west bound lanes. <p>Robert was found by a passing motorist who called 911, but was unfortunately&nbsp;pronounced dead at the scene. </p> <p>Police believe a 1969 to 1972 Ford Econoline Van with custom orange paint and a white grille is the vehicle responsible. The photos below show&nbsp;the area where Robert was struck in 1985, as well as&nbsp;photos of the area today.&nbsp;A photo of a&nbsp;van similar to the van police believe&nbsp;hit Robert is also pictured.&nbsp;</p> <p>Police are asking for your help in identifying the driver and or the owner of the van. After 29 years, Robert&rsquo;s family and Police would like to&nbsp;bring this&nbsp;tragedy to a close. </p> ]]> ]]> ]]> ]]> ]]> 24 Jul 2014 16:34:00 UT Hit & Run Causing Death - 178 Street & 102 Avenue https://www.edmontonpolice.ca:443/CrimeFiles/HitandRun/FatalHitRun/178Street102Ave1986Mar04 On March 4, 1986 at approximately 10:15 pm, Fred BULL and his companion were walking southbound along the east curb of 178 street between 102 and 103 Avenue after a night of fun at a bingo hall. Headed toward Highway 16, they intended to hitch hike back home to Duffield, Alberta. <p>Fred proceeded to cross 178 street westbound between 102 and 103 Avenues when he was struck by an unidentified vehicle and driver. The driver continued northbound on 178 street leaving BULL laying in the middle of the road. </p> <p>Emergency services were called, however Fred succumbed to his injuries. </p> <p>Attached&nbsp;are photos of&nbsp;the collision location in 1986.&nbsp; Police are asking for any information that may help identifying the vehicle and driver. </p> ]]> ]]> ]]> 28 Jul 2014 18:57:00 UT Hit & Run Causing Death - 100 Street & 105 Avenue https://www.edmontonpolice.ca:443/CrimeFiles/HitandRun/FatalHitRun/100Street105Avenue1989Aug27 On August 27, 1989 at about 1:30 am Solomon DUMONT was walking in the area of 105 avenue east of 100 street, when he was struck by an unidentified vehicle and driver. The driver fled the scene leaving Solomon lying in the middle of the road. <p>Solomon was found by a Canadian National security officer who called 911. He was&nbsp;transported to the hospital by ambulance,&nbsp;but unfortunately succumbed to&nbsp;his injuries. </p> <p>Attached&nbsp;are photos of the collision location in 2014. Police have little information and are asking the public for any information that may identify the vehicle and driver responsible and help&nbsp;achieve a successful conclusion to the investigation after 25 years.</p> ]]> ]]> ]]> 28 Jul 2014 19:23:00 UT Hit & Run Causing Death - 149 Street & 89 Avenue https://www.edmontonpolice.ca:443/CrimeFiles/HitandRun/FatalHitRun/149Street89Avenue1990Aug31 On August 31, 1990 at approximately 9:24 pm, 17-year-old Kerri CHAMBERS, was walking northbound along 149 street from 87 avenue on the west sidewalk. Kerri was returning home from the Domo gas station after making a purchase for her mother. Kerri was crossing 149 street eastbound when she was struck by an unidentified vehicle operated by an unidentified driver. The driver fled the scene leaving Kerri on the road. <p>Kerri was found by a passing motorist who called 911. Kerri was transported to the hospital where she remained for&nbsp;two weeks.&nbsp;After a long and brave battle, she died&nbsp;due to&nbsp;her injuries. Kerri was only&nbsp;three houses away&nbsp;from the safety of her home when she was struck and left behind.</p> <p>Attached&nbsp;are photos of the location in 1990. Kerri&rsquo;s family and police are appealing to the public for any information that will help identify the vehicle and driver responsible for this act. After 24 years, the EPS&nbsp;hopes to&nbsp;have a&nbsp;successful conclusion to this tragedy.</p> ]]> ]]> ]]> 28 Jul 2014 19:36:00 UT