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The Homicide Section is committed to solving all cases; however there are some cases that remain unsolved. These cases are considered to be still open and we appeal to the public to provide any information that they have in these matters. The cases listed are only some of the unsolved homicide cases. All homicides are listed in reverse chronological order.
If you have information about these cases, or any other unsolved homicide, please contact the Homicide Section or Crime Stoppers.


DOB/Age: 21
EPS File #:09-168917
On December 12, 2009 Melvin HANSEN was discovered deceased outside of a residence in the area of 90 Street and 130 Avenue.


DOB/Age: 23
EPS File #:09-162940
On November 29, 2009 Robleh MOHAMED was discovered deceased in a vehicle near the address of 106 Avenue & 105 Street.

Abdulaziz ISSE

DOB/Age: 21
EPS File #:09-154943
On November 12, 2009 Abdulaziz ISSE was discovered deceased outside the address of 131 Wolf Willow Road.

Michelle HADWEN

DOB/Age: 37
EPS File #:09-137431
On October 6, 2009 Michelle HADWEN was discovered lying unconscious in the area of 79 Street and 121 Avenue.


DOB/Age: 40
EPS File #:09-132574
On September 25, 2009 Alfred HUDSON was stabbed at Mary Burlie Park located at 10465 97 Street.

Landis STICK

DOB/Age: 24
EPS File #:09-24451
During the early morning hours of February 19 Landis STICK was discovered lying unconscious in the snow at 107 avenue and 104 street.

Fernando VASQUEZ

DOB/Age: 24
EPS File #:09-10993
Shortly after midnight on January 21, 2009 Fernando VASQUEZ was shot and killed at McAllister Loop.


DOB/Age: 29
EPS File #:09-10991
on January 20, 2009 shortly before midnight Cody JOHNSON crashed the vehicle he was driving into a home located at 77 avenue & 156 street.

Steven MILLS

DOB/Age: 18
EPS File #:09-2006
On December 31, 2008 shortly before midnight Steven MILLS was stabbed near a gas station located at 106 street and 51 avenue.


DOB/Age: 21
EPS File #:08-158598
On December 02, 2008 Ahmed ABDIRAHMAN was found deceased.
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