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Downtown Branch Beat boundary re-zoning

For Immediate Release: 16-Feb-2023 @ 1:49 PM
MRU #: 23R020

Starting February 19, 2023, the Downtown Beat boundaries will be taking on a different look. With changes brought about by the implementation of Health Streets Operation Centre (HSOC) – Community Safety Teams, these adaptations are designed to ensure the best distribution of Downtown Beat members.

With HSOC covering a large portion of the current Beat areas in Edmonton’s downtown core, some existing Beat members will be redeployed to other areas within Downtown which continue to experience higher crime, violence and social disorder.

The introduction of HSOC is not to replace the traditional Beat programs in those areas, but instead supplement them with additional resources to assist the vulnerable.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve the communities we police,” said Downtown Branch Insp. Brent Dahlseide. “Rather than duplicating efforts, we have an opportunity to take resources and place them in another areas of need.”

Based on data analysis and crime trends, Beat area boundaries have been adjusted and the Boyle Street, City Centre, and McCauley Quarters Beat members will be redeployed to the following new Beat areas:

Cromdale (Stadium Road to Jasper Avenue / 95 Street to 82 Street)

Oliver (121 Street to 116 Street / 100 Avenue to 105 Avenue)

Jasper Avenue West (105 Street to 116 Street / 100 Avenue to 102 Avenue)


HSOC areas and the new Beat areas created (marked with an asterisk)

Jasper Avenue East and 107 Avenue Beat areas will remain mostly as they are; the only change is that the Jasper Avenue East Beat is extending slightly to 95 Street. The current Beat members from Boyle, McCauley Quarters and City Centre Beats are presently transitioning with HSOC members, making introductions to stakeholders in their respective areas.

“We hear from the community on a regular basis that police visibility is important to them – this move doesn’t just help us address crime and disorder, it also helps us form new relationships as our Beat teams get to know other neighbourhoods,” says Insp. Dahlseide.

HSOC Community Safety Teams continue their work

HSOC currently consists of 16 EPS constables and two sergeants working in conjunction with community peace officers and paramedics. Firefighters and community safety liaisons are expected to join the teams in the coming weeks.

“Our daily goals are high visibility, increased community engagement and proactively addressing some of the issues facing central Edmonton,” says Insp. Angela Kemp of the EPS Crime Suppression Branch. “Our officers are combining crime suppression and beat work, focusing on the crime aspect, while our partners are working on the other factors impacting the community.”

HSOC will focus on reducing harm while increasing individual and community safety and well-being, allowing community members to feel safer living and working in the area. This will be accomplished by a coordinated effort, improving access to appropriate wellness services while at the same time reducing criminality and victimization.



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