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Project TENSOR putting the brakes on speeding and noise issues  

For Immediate Release: 28-Jul-2020 @ 10:07 AM
MRU #: TR20R006-1 

More than 1,200 tickets and Notices to Repair warnings have been handed out to Edmonton motorists over the last three months, since EPS and its partners launched Project TENSOR.

Beginning the week of May 22, 2020, EPS members, the City of Edmonton’s Traffic Safety Section and Peace Officers commenced Project TENSOR, Traffic Enforcement Noise/Speed Offence Reduction. The initiative is attempting to put the brakes on the rise of noise, speed and other traffic offences occurring across the city, following an influx of complaints from the public.

“This project was necessitated as a result of complaints from the public, and what our officers were seeing on the roads during the initial stages of the pandemic,” explained Sgt. Kerry Bates, of the EPS Traffic Safety Section.

“The response we’re getting from the general public has, in large part, been very supportive. Frankly, I don’t blame them for their frustrations. They’ve had enough, and we’re doing our best to address these traffic issues for them.”

EPS members and City of Edmonton Peace Officers have held eight Project TENSOR operations between May 22 and July 10 issuing the following number of charges and notices to repair:

Noise Related Charges:

City Bylaw 14600 – 68 (motorcycles)

TSA (Vehicle Equipment Regulation) – 64 (modified exhausts)

Notice of Direction (repair & report back to police) – 180

Other charges:

Speeding: 380

Other Equipment: 303 (including Seatbelts, tinted windows)

Other Hazardous: 131 (U-turns, improper motorcycle helmets)

Other Non-Hazardous: 131

Between May 22 and the month of September, Project TENSOR is focusing its resources on “hot spots” and other areas across the city including:

  • 97 Avenue from James McDonald Bridge to 109 Street (Legislature Tunnel)
  • 109 Street from 97 Avenue north to Jasper Avenue
  • Jasper Avenue from 95 Street up to 116 Street
  • Whyte Avenue, from 99 Street to 109 Street
  • Groat Road
  • River Valley Road from Groat Road to 105 Street
  • 105 Street from River Valley Road to 100 Avenue
  • The High Level Bridge

Project TENSOR will target most traffic offences including, but not limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Noise Related Offences
  • Stunting
  • Helmet Violations
  • General Equipment Violations
  • Occupant Restraints
  • Other Hazardous Moving Violations
  • Suspended Drivers
  • Document Offences and
  • Criminal Code Offences (including file numbers)

Members of the public can submit traffic and noise complaints by email to the Edmonton Police Service at: TrafficComplaints@edmontonpolice.ca


Please contact Scott Pattison at (780) 421-3553 for more information.

"Dedicated to Protect, Proud to Serve"