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Police encourage motorists to ensure vehicles meet all safety standards, after harsh winter driving season

For Immediate Release: 18-Apr-2019 @ 12:06 PM
MRU #: 19R044 

The Edmonton Police Service is reminding motorists to knock the winter dust off vehicles and ensure their rides meet all safety standards, before heading out onto city streets and freeways.

“Edmonton winters can certainly take their toll on vehicles, especially when you have the type of lengthy inclement winter season that we all just suffered through this year,” said Const. Noelle Andersson, of the Southwest Division Traffic Unit.

“It’s important to take 10 minutes and walk around your vehicle with a friend or family member to ensure your brake lights, regular lights and any other safety features that may not be functioning properly are addressed both for your safety and other motorists on the road around you.”

During your annual spring walk around, motorists should ensure:

  • All day-time running lights are functioning properly. These are required by law, and increase the visibility of your vehicle on the road. Burned out headlight bulbs must be replaced.

  • Any damage to your vehicle that occurred over the winter must be repaired, if it poses safety issues; no bumpers left insecure or hanging, and all taillights/brake lights must be functioning properly.


  • Ensure all tires are inflated properly to your vehicle specifications and have sufficient tread on them.


  • Ensure licence plates are clean and visible and not faded. Plate protectors are not permitted in Alberta.


  • Install a cell phone holder in your vehicle. Some citizens are still unaware that it’s an offence to hold your cell phone while driving. You must be hands-free. Distracted Driving is a serious traffic safety issue. The fine for Distracted Driving is $287 and three demerits.


Please read your car seat manual and vehicle manual to determine proper child car seat installation for your specific car seat and vehicle. If you are cited for a child safety seat violation you have the following options: pay for the infraction ($155.00 fine), go to court, or take a class.

The class is called "Option 4", which is an education session on the safe transportation of children and adults in vehicles. If you take option 4, your $155 fine will be revoked.
The Edmonton Centre holds Child Safety Seat Information sessions every third Wednesday of the month from 7-9 pm. Please call 780-452-6161 Ext. 1225 to register.

Motorists are expected by law to keep licence plates clean and visible,
and to replace plates that are faded.


Please contact Scott Pattison at (780) 421-3553 for more information.

"Dedicated to Protect, Proud to Serve"