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Curb the Danger celebrates 15 years!


This month, we are celebrating 15 years of Curb the Danger.

As the Edmonton Police Service is committed to combat impaired driving through education and enforcement, we are recognizing the success of the Curb the Danger (CTD) program.

Curb the Danger signs are currently placed around the city.

Introduced as a pilot project in October 2006, CTD is an impaired driving initiative asking motorists to call 911 when they observe a vehicle being driven in a manner that would lead them to believe the driver is impaired.

Since its inception, approximately 128,528 calls have been logged to report impaired drivers. Of those, approximately 40,558 events were intercepted by EPS patrol and 10,377 of those calls resulted in impaired arrests.

“We just want to thank our members for making every effort to intercept these reported vehicles,” said Gerry Gunn, Coordinator of Curb the Danger. “We also want to acknowledge the public for reporting impaired drivers and the operators in our Police Communications Branch; the program wouldn’t be successful without that.”

A process was initiated in May 2007 to apply for an “Official Mark” to protect the integrity of the program.

In 2008, the EPS Traffic Section submitted the Curb the Danger program for a Webber Seavey International police award sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The program was a semi-finalist winner and was recognized at the IACP convention in San Diego on Nov. 10, 2008.

CTD and EPS were recognized for the commitment shown to public safety and impaired driving awareness by Edmonton City Council by way of two Civic Proclamations made in October 2011 and in 2017.

In 2010, the Camrose Police Service followed suit and entered into a partnership with the EPS by adopting CTD as a community program of their own.

“CTD has seen success over the past 15 years,” Gunn said. “We hope this will continue for another 15 years and beyond.”