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This is Who We Are - Flight Operations Unit


Air-1 is the organization’s eye in the sky and all pilots are EPS officers.

Air-1 was first initiated by the public with an initiative called Project S.O.S. (Spotlight on Safety) in 2001. A second helicopter was added to the fleet in 2009. The helicopters were chosen based on being the quietest single engine helicopter and are equipped with an infrared camera system, digital mapping system, EPS and RCMP radios, and a microwave downlink.

Air-1 attends over 2,800 calls per year and has a 98% driver apprehension rate when involved with fleeing vehicles.  The use of Air-1 increases the probability of arrests from evading suspects. In 2015, Air-1 assisted in locating 438 suspects in relation to active investigations and 412 arrests are likely as result of the contributions of Air-1 support to the front line.

Air-1 proudly supports ground members responding to calls for service. Their communication with Canine Unit and Patrol Units create the perfect team for assisting citizens and solving crimes.