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This is Who We Are - School Resource Officer Unit

EPS members are making a difference in the lives of young students every day and this is just one of the reasons being a School Resource Officer (SRO) is so rewarding.


The support of the Edmonton Catholic Schools and Edmonton Public Schools police officers have been partners with high schools for over 35 years.

A primary function of the School Resource Officer today is to assist the school administration in ensuring a safe and caring place of learning for students and staff, balancing enforcement with prevention and intervention.

School Resource Officers:

  • Are a visible presence in the school and the community through counselling, structured class presentations, lectures, continual interaction, mentoring and distribution of educational resource materials;
  • Work cooperatively with school administrators, staff, students, parents, and the community to proactively identify and address school concerns or problems;
  • Utilize problem solving initiatives to address issues in schools; and
  • Conduct investigations and enforce laws/statutes.

The School Resource Officer position is a very fulfilling experience for police members, as friendships develop over time with both students and staff. The position provides opportunities to develop strong public speaking, coaching and leadership skills.

The School Resource Officer program is still recognized as one of the first community-based initiatives undertaken by the EPS - it is community policing in its purist form.

In July 2014, the SRO Unit made history as the first Canadian police agency to win a prestigious U.S. – based National Association of School Resources Officers award for best Model Agency, highlighting the EPS Single Officer Rapid Response (SORR) training.