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Without consent, it’s not sent. Delete it.

After international recognition for the “Don’t be that Guy” campaign, SAVEdmonton launched a new campaign addressing consent and technology.

Without consent, it’s not sent. The tag line of SAVEdmonton’s new campaign is to educate the public on consent and technology. Sharing an intimate photo of someone without consent is never OK. In fact, it’s against the law.

As technology becomes an increasingly common site for sexual experimentation, a trend has developed where technology is being used to enact sexual violence by sharing intimate photos of individuals without their consent.

SAVEdmonton created this campaign to help alleviate some of the fear and embarrassment that victims of this crime may feel by providing non-victim blaming education that places the onus and responsibility on the person who is considering sharing a photo without consent instead of on the victim.

This campaign targets its message at youth and young adults who may find themselves in the position of bystander – someone who has received a photo of someone without consent and is considering what action to take. SAVEdmonton is encouraging people to #DeleteIt (delete the image) as the campaign tag line states, “without consent, it’s not sent.” 

#DeleteIt has been created to start the consent awareness conversation on social media.


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