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Don't be that guy

Typically, sexual assault awareness campaigns target potential victims by urging women to restrict their behaviour. Research is telling us that targeting the behaviour of victims is not only ineffective, but also contributes to how much they blame themselves after the assault. That's why our awareness campaign is targeting potential offenders - they are the ones responsible for the assault and responsible for stopping it. To address alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults without victim-blaming, the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE) - a community group EPS is a part of - created the "Don't be that guy" campaign. The posters, with direct and bold messaging, have been adopted by police services across North America and around the globe.

"Don't be that guy"

The "Don't be that guy" awareness campaign was launched on November 22, 2010. Our posters are available to download, below. Please feel free to print and distribute as you like, we only ask that you credit SAVE for creating the campaign. Click on the image for a high resolution PDF.