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Traffic has been a consistent topic on the Edmonton Police Service‚Äôs social media accounts. As a way to better provide answers to the public on traffic in Edmonton, in 2014 Corporate Communications partnered with the Traffic Section to create a program called #TrafficTuesday. The premise was simple: give the public a guarantee that their traffic-related questions would be answered immediately by an EPS Traffic officer. 

The badge behind the tweets

Sgt. Kerry BATES started this with Corporate Communications when he was a Sergeant in the Hit and Run Unit. He had some time away from Hit and Run, where his Traffic Tuesday spot was filled with experts from our Hit and Run Unit. BATES is back in the Traffic Tuesday seat again though, now as a Sergeant with our Traffic Safety Unit.

Have a traffic question? Follow our social media channels for the next Traffic Tuesday discussion.

Twitter: @EdmontonPolice and use the hashtag #TrafficTuesday.

Facebook: @edmontonpoliceservice

Instagram: @edmontonpoliceservice

Top 5 Popular #TrafficTuesday Questions

  1. How do I use a traffic circle?

  2. Where can I legally make a u-turn?

  3. Do I have to reduce my speed when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights on?

  4. What should I do if I'm in a collision?

  5. What actions fall under the Distracted Driving legislation?