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FOIPP Application Process & Fees


Fees may be charged in accordance with Schedule 2 of the FOIPP Act. All fees must be paid before receiving the response from the FOIPP Unit.

Personal Requests: There is no application fee for making a personal request; however, fees for photocopying may be charged at a rate of $.25 per page if the amount of the estimated fees exceeds $10 (40 pages). Other fees relating to the reproduction of records may apply.

For audio communications (e.g. a call you made to 911 or the EPS non-emergency complaint line), there is a fee of $52.50. The audio recordings will be provided on a computer-readable compact disc.

General Requests: In addition to the initial application fee of $25, other fees may be charged in accordance with Schedule 2 of the FOIPP Act if the estimated fees exceed $150. In this case, a fee estimate will be provided and an initial deposit of 50% may be required.

Application Process

All requests for access to information pursuant to the FOIPP Act must be made in writing and directed to the EPS FOIPP Unit. We will accept any written request for records, though the Request to Access Information form is recommended.

Requests can be submitted in person at EPS Headquarters, by letter mail, or by fax. Your request must state the records you are seeking and your name, address and telephone number. Requests for personal information should also include your date of birth. A general request must also contain the initial application fee of $25 by way of a cheque or money order made payable to the City of Edmonton. You may pay by cash at police headquarters if prearranged with the FOIPP Unit.

Our ability to identify the records you are requesting is dependent upon the information you are able to provide to us about various occurrences. Please be sure that your request provides as much detail as possible and that all dates and times are accurate in order to ensure that the EPS FOIPP Unit is able to locate the requested records and provide you with a complete response in a timely manner.

When the EPS FOIPP Unit receives a request, we will open a file and you will receive an acknowledgment letter confirming receipt of your request, the name of the Disclosure Analyst assigned to process your request, and advising you of our policy regarding the release of your completed FOIPP request. After the acknowledgment letter is sent, in most cases there will be no further contact from the EPS FOIPP Unit until after the request has been processed. Please note the FOIPP Act allows us 30 days to respond to a FOIPP request.

When the processing of your request is complete, you will receive a telephone call advising that your completed response is ready for you to pick-up. To ensure that your personal information is released only to you and not to anyone else, our general policy is that you must pick up your records in person at the front counter of EPS Headquarters, which you can do between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. In order to pick up records provided in response to your request, you will be required to show two pieces of valid identification, including one piece of photo identification (e.g. driver’s licence). Special arrangements can be made by contacting the Disclosure Analyst assigned to your file if you live outside of Edmonton or have demonstrable mobility issues.