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Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maximum output from all resources is a major indicator of an efficient and effective organization. This includes human resources as well as financial and material resources.

The initiatives developed are reflective of the EPS’s desire to provide effective leadership at all levels, to steward resources appropriately, and to ensure effective collaboration to address community needs.

The following initiatives will be employed to help achieve a responsive and respectful police service that is driven toward its vision to make Edmonton the safest major city in Canada, and for the EPS to be recognized as a leader in policing:

  • Increased clearance rates (a measure to determine success at solving reported crime)
  • Efficient response times to high priority incidents
  • Edmonton Police Reporting and Occurrence System (EPROS)
  • Information Management and Approval Centre (IMAC)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Strategies aimed at root causes of crime and disorder, e.g. the Violence Reduction and Youth Strategies.
  • Proposal of an Assessment, Sobering and Care Centre (ASCC)
  • Neighbourhood Empowerment Teams (NET)
  • Specialized Traffic Apprehension Teams (STAT)
  • Check Stop Program
  • Police and Crisis Teams (PACT)
  • Annual Police Services Review