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A New Vision for the Chief’s Community Advisory Council


The Chief’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) was developed in 2004 to engage the Edmonton Police Service and Edmontonians in a proactive dialogue centered on developing mutual trust, information sharing and relationship building.

Since its inception, the CAC has been working proactively with diverse communities who are committed to working together, and with the police service, to foster a climate of safety, security and mutual respect.

The CAC was made up of eight diverse Community Liaison Committees (CLC):

  • Indigenous
  • African
  • Black
  • Chinese
  • South Asian
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Sexual and Gender Minorities 

What We Heard

The need to foster healthy relationships is paramount.  However, “when the purpose of a partnership is ambiguous, there is a direct impact on trust (International Centre for the Prevention of Crime Report).”

Although the CAC-CLC model provided a platform for communities to engage, the needs and demands of community outgrew the model.  A 2015 study found that community sought to develop clearer purpose, roles and responsibilities, and mandates and outcomes.  It found that there was also a deep desire to be action-oriented rather than focused on identity.  Although it was unintended, the CAC-CLC model did not allow for meaningful intercommunity collaboration and problem solving.

A New Vision

The new Chief’s Community Council (CCC) will be guided by people who experience marginalization, racism and discrimination.

It will focus on guiding EPS as it implements recommendations and changes that have come out of efforts to engage the community.  It will work hand-in-hand with various areas of the EPS and advise directly on the change and implementation of policy, procedure and operations.

Recruitment for the new CCC will begin in 2021.  Future updates will be posted on this webpage.