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Historical Overview of the CAC

Why this Community based Police Partnership?

  • Provide a formal structure with support to take action on identified issues within each community
  • Continue to build trust amongst diverse communities
  • Work together in a collaborative effort on a number of key issues:
    • Training (new recruits/school resource officers)
    • Policy advice/change
    • Recruiting strategies
    • Unsuccessful community partnership = Unsuccessful Policing
    • Reporting and subsequent enforcement makes for a safer community
    • Familiarity with both communities leads to breakdown of barriers
    • Foster a sense of inclusiveness, trust, and the ability to work cooperatively on policing issues

How will this committee take action?

  • Support and take action on issues raised by a wide variety of diverse communities in Edmonton
  • Build through education and awareness, a safer Edmonton that values, rather than fears diversity
  • Strengthen community liaison committees as the foundation for intelligence-led policing, relationship building, and bias-free policing through the creation of a formalized office through which diverse communities and community agencies and services, can coordinate their activities

How is this different than the work that is being done by the Hate/Bias Unit at the EPS?

The CAC is a open and inclusive forum for diverse communities to bring forward their issues related to dealing with the Police and how they are treated. What doesn’t exist is a structure and support to engage in educational and promotional activities to address the issues that have been raised.

Brief chronology of the genesis of the Hate Crimes Unit


  • Support from Canadian Heritage for funding to research and develop a full proposal to create a specialized hate crimes unit in Edmonton


  • Proposal approved with funding for 2-years
  • EPS Hate and Bias Crime Initiative established


  • Hate crimes database established
  • R1 Police Report Checkbox
  • Street information reports
  • Key objectives and outcomes identified:
  • Partnerships with diverse communities
  • Investigations on HBC (monitoring WEB; Propaganda; Extremists)
  • Training for recruits & outside agencies


  • Chief Mike Boyd establishes Chief’s advisory committee to centralize the discussion and to engage a broader group of diverse communities.