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Mental Health

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) partners an Edmonton Police constable with a registered nurse, registered psychiatric nurse, or social worker to provide on-site assessments and intervention for people with psychiatric problems and are in a crisis. The nurse and the police officer work as a team in assessing, managing and deciding about the most appropriate action.

PACT is a community partnership between the Edmonton Police Service and the Alberta Health Services.

PACT started under a grant provided by the Primary Health Care Capacity Building Fund in January 2004; after justifying PACT'S necessity to the community it was included in the EPS and Capital health budget in 2006. Since its inception in 2004 they have responded to over 4000 calls for service and consulted on over 4000 mental health crisis calls which resulted in over 400 hospitalizations.

PACT works as an adjunct to the Capital Health's Crisis Response Team which operates a crisis line 24/7 to assist those suffering from a mental health crisis. The Team is used as needed on the circumstances of each case.

The Crisis Response Team can be reached at 24/7 at (780) 342-7777.