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Northeast Branch

Northeast’s Superintendent, Inspector, and all the officers and staff of Northeast Branch, are proud to deliver innovative, effective and efficient policing services throughout north Edmonton. We are focused on reducing violent and property crime, improving traffic safety and addressing issues of community disorder.

Northeast Branch provides policing services to residents who reside in an area extending west to east from 97 Street NW to 33 Street, and south to north from the River Valley to 259 Avenue.

Northeast Branch's Operations 

Northeast Branch is divided into four districts with approximately 100 patrol officers, including a number of detectives, working a variety of shifts on a 24/7 basis. Crime Suppression Constables and BEAT constables serve as the primary contact for communities to address issues and concerns that do not require immediate police response. They generate and share intelligence about active criminals, crime, disorder and other community concerns. Crime Suppression Constables attend or organize community meetings to share crime prevention strategies and to help plan or implement problem-solving strategies.

To prevent crime and disorder from occurring, or to respond effectively when it does, we work closely with representatives and volunteers from over 68 communities and eight industrial areas in northeast Edmonton. We are well connected with parole officers, adult and youth probation staff, and a number of social agencies. Over 100 active volunteers help from within our diverse communities by providing excellent support. 

Northeast Branch is dedicated to the communities each of our officers serve and they strive to:

  • Reduce violent crime and make Edmonton the safest major city in Canada.
  • Promote traffic safety through dedicated enforcement.
  • Promote public safety by reducing property and violent crime.

Northeast Branch will achieve these goals by:

  • Promoting public safety through prevention, intervention and suppression of crime and disorder.
  • Working with parole and probation officers who help us keep track of repeat offenders.
  • The support of our crime analysts who evaluate the effectiveness of our enforcement efforts.
  • Proactive crime control strategies that utilize Beat Constables, Crime Suppression Constables, Pawn Detail members, and general Duty Detectives working together within a proactive Offender Management framework. Beat officers also participate in the Beverly Business Association to help address quality of life issues in the Beverly area.

While Northeast Branch is well connected to our community, we are always looking to improve. You are an important part of our success.   

Citizens should come into Northeast Branch for:

  • To provide information related to ongoing criminal activity.
  • Deferred response reports can be taken over the front counter which will be assigned within a day to a patrol constable for follow-up. 

Tips for citizens residing in Northeast Branch:

  • Lock your car doors and hide/remove all valuables!
  • Be the eyes and ears for your community– report suspicious behaviour.
  • Theft from automobiles and theft-of automobiles remains a city-wide concern.  Northeast Branch members continue to address these issues but we have experienced an increase in these crime types in the last couple of years.  Please lock your vehicle and do not leave the keys in your vehicle.

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Contact Northeast Branch

Phone: 780-426-8100
Fax: 780-426-8111

14203-50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 5H6

Effective November 14, 2022, Northeast Division Station hours will be as follows:

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed on STAT holidays.