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Commitment to Professionalism - Reduced Crime & Victimization - Investigative Excellence - Increased Efficiency & Effectiveness
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Southwest Branch

The police officers of Southwest Branch are committed to delivering high quality policing services to their communities.

Southwest Branch provides policing services to residents of Southwest Edmonton, as well as, residents of West Edmonton that reside in the areas south of Whitemud Drive.

Southwest Branch's operational goals are that of the Edmonton Police Service, and achieving these goals are of extreme importance:

Commitment to Professionalism:

This is a key outcome of all business activities large and small. It represents the result of adhering to the core values and building on the cornerstones of organizational effectiveness. Professionalism applies to everybody, all the time. It involves striving for excellence in all activities.


Reduced Crime and Victimization:

This involves reducing the frequency and severity of crime and disorder as well as the related fear caused by victimization.


Investigative Excellence:

This includes ensuring a high standard of investigative competency; which can be reflected in increased clearance rates and successful prosecutions that support the administration of justice.

- Early identification of crime series and repeat offenders through quality investigations and daily crime analysis.

- Continue to place a high priority on the discovery and collection of video evidence.

- Leveraging social media such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with members of our community.  Follow Southwest Branch on Facebook!

- Encourage on-line reporting to further promote identifying problem area and crime trends.

- The Edmonton Police Service uses 8 crime indicators to measure our performance in terms of crime reduction. These include violent crimes such as homicide, robbery, assaults and sexual assaults as well as property crimes including break and enter, theft of auto, theft from auto and theft over $5000.


Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Although they are related, effectiveness involves “doing the right thing” and efficiency involves “doing things right”.


Included are initiatives such as:

- process simplification

- effective use of technology

- effective policing practices

- sound leadership, management and supervisory practices

- productive collaboration with partners (other city departments, external organizations and orders of government)

- use of best practices and professional standards.


Why citizens should visit Southwest Branch:

- To report incidents such as: vehicle collisions, crimes, suspicious activity, traffic complaints, found property, check on welfare, etc.

- Dispose of firearms and ammunition

- Request an Alarm Permit for a residential or commercial property

- Request a copy of an EPS file

- Deal with an arrest warrant

- Consult directly with a police officer for information/advice.


Southwest Branch's Event Participation:

Members of Southwest Branch join in the fun during Festival season on Whyte Ave. and in some school events/initiatives.

Tips for citizens residing in Southwest Branch:


Residents of Southwest Branch can play a major role in helping to achieve reductions in crime through a number of simple and straightforward steps:


- Lock your vehicle when it’s unattended and remove all valuables. This will help to further reduce the chance of theft from vehicle.

- Do not leave a running vehicle unattended. Do not keep spare keys hidden in your parked vehicle. This will help further reduce the incidence of theft of auto.

- Take the time to make your residence more secure. This will help to further reduce the incident of break and enter.

- Be aware of what is going on in your neighbourhood. If you observe suspicious activity, contact police. There are many occasions where citizens have done just that and it has allowed police to effectively deal with crimes in progress.

- Become familiar with what crimes are happening within your community. Use the Neighbourhood Crime Mapping tool to keep you informed.

Contact Southwest Division

Phone: 780-426-8300
Fax: 780-426-8311

1351 Windermere Way
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 0A6

Effective November 14, 2022, Southwest Division Station hours will be as follows:

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed on STAT holidays.