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Weapons & Guns

National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST) supports police agencies in gathering evidence to assist in the prosecution of persons involved in the illegal movement and criminal use of firearms.

In Edmonton, there are two police members assigned to NWEST. These members are responsible for the area north of Red Deer and the NWT and review all reports involving firearms and assist with tracing firearms and making recommendations as to any criminal charges that may be appropriate.

The team often receives phone calls from citizens who have questions in relation to registering guns and how guns should be stored or transported.

When I am leaving home to go hunting, does my rifle need to be trigger locked while in my vehicle?

No. The only requirement for transporting a non-restricted firearm is that it be unloaded. If however, you stop at a restaurant or some other place and leave your firearm in your vehicle, it must be locked in the trunk if the vehicle has one, or hidden out of sight if the vehicle has no trunk.

I have heard about a firearms amnesty. Does this mean that I can have a firearm without a license?

No. The amnesty means that persons who have possession of a Firearms License and an unregistered non-restricted firearm (long barrelled rifle or shotgun) , will not be charged with possessing the non-registered firearm if they are taking steps to get the firearm registered. This applies to non-restricted firearms only, and the person still needs a Firearms License.

What benefit is it to me as a gun-owner to register my rifles or shotguns?

The biggest benefit is that if the firearm is stolen, and it is recovered, it is easier to return to the owner. Most gun owners do not have the serial numbers of their firearms recorded anywhere. If the guns are registered, we can obtain that information from the firearms data base and ensure that the stolen gun is properly entered onto CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center).

A family member passed away and has some rifles that were never registered. Can I register them?

As long as you have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) yes. You can log onto the Canadian Firearm Center website for instructions.