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Disciplinary Hearings: Decisions

Please find below the weekly Disciplinary Hearings schedule:

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Disciplinary Hearings: Decisions

Copies of disciplinary decisions are available free of charge by contacting the FOIPP Coordinator, Laura Johnson. Each decision sets out to the fullest possible extent all relevant testimony of the witnesses and the cited officers. Please note that participants may be identified by random letters. To obtain available decisions from open hearings, please contact: 

Laura Johnson
FOIPP Coordinator
Phone: 780-391-4282

About Police Discipline

The Police Act imposes the responsibility for discipline in the Edmonton Police Service on the Chief of Police. The Act also sets out the path that complaints against police officers must follow:

a. The Chief of Police orders complaints to be investigated.

b. The facts uncovered during the investigation allow the Chief of Police to either uphold or dismiss complaints.

c. A decision to dismiss a complaint may be appealed to the Law Enforcement Review Board.

d. A decision to uphold a complaint may, depending on the seriousness of the disciplinary misconduct, lead to

i. an immediate Official Warning to the officer who was subject of the complaint, or

ii. a disciplinary hearing.

e. With very few exceptions, disciplinary hearings are open to the public. A Hearing Officer, Superintendent of the Edmonton Police Service, presides over them. He or she accepts all relevant evidence and submissions for and against the cited police officer, and then decides if the charge has been proven.

f. If the charge has been proven, the Act sets out a number of different penalties. There is no disciplinary consequence for a cited police officer if a charge has not been proven.

g. Complainants or cited officers may appeal decisions of the Hearing Officer to the Law Enforcement Review Board.

Any questions about accessing disciplinary hearing decisions should be directed to the EPS FOIPP Unit at (780) 421-3346.