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In order for a business to meet or exceed the Edmonton Police Service’s criteria for Robbery Prevention, the following minimum standards must be met in order for that business to be accredited:

Surveillance Video

The video surveillance system must produce a single still photo, series of still photos or movie with a resolution that provides a clear unambiguous representation of the event.

Image acquisition must be readily available and the images obtained must provide identifiable detail that is suitable for facial and physical recognition while maintaining evidentiary value. The video surveillance system must be secure and yet accessible for immediate image acquisition while preserving the integrity of the exhibit.


Employees must be able to see their surroundings. The environment surrounding and encompassing the business must be brightly lit. Two-way views must be free of obstructions that reduce or eliminate visibility.

Store windows and doors must be free from posters, stickers, and product displays higher than 3 feet. Two-way visibility of the cash register area must be maintained. Merchandise shelving must be at a height that does not impugn the integrity of employee vision.

Special display racks and carousels must be positioned in such a way that they do not obscure visibility.

Cash Control

The business must practice and advertise their cash control policy based upon the needs of the particular business. Each business must adopt a cash limit policy and any excess must be skimmed when appropriate and placed in a drop safe or some other suitable receptacle that is not readily accessible to employees or would-be robbers.

The cash control measures must be advertised by posting in a prominent place. Bank deposits should be made as often as practical and preferably more than once per day.

Building security

All back and side doors must be kept locked. All storage rooms must have locks that can be opened from inside. Do not store weapons on the premises. Insure height indicators or height strips are placed in a prominent location.


The business must train all their employees in robbery prevention emphasizing aspects of pre robbery, robbery, and post robbery recommendations.

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

  • Each business will be placed through a CPTED analysis.
  • Different strategies will be given to each business regarding what they can do to ‘robbery proof” their business.
  • These strategies may include: proper positioning of video cameras, clear visibility of the employee and the till from outside of the store, overall store layout, lighting and identifying markings on property.