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Crime Prevention

The Edmonton Police Service is known for community policing and violence reduction. A major part of this is preventing problems before they occur. This strategy of prevention, intervention, and suppression guides the EPS in its day-to-day activities.

As a cornerstone, Crime Prevention empowers the community to ensure they take necessary precautions to prevent crimes occurring to them or to the ones they love.

The EPS provides information and programs about Home and Property Safety, Personal & Family Safety , Community Safety and Neighbourhood Empowerment Teams.

August's Crime Prevention Feature Topic: Vehicle and Traffic Safety!

From community programs helping parents know how to install and secure child seats properly to to a buyer's guide to used vehicles, traffic and vehicle safety programs help keep our citizens and neighbourhoods safe.

Learn more about Curb the Danger, Theft of Autos, Theft from Autos, Distracted Driving, Driver Safety, Pedestrian Safety, and more!

See these popular #TrafficTuesday questions for road safety information, too!

  1. How do I use a traffic circle?

  2. Where can I legally make a u-turn?

  3. Do I have to reduce my speed when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights on?

  4. What should I do if I'm in a collision?

  5. What actions fall under the Distracted Driving legislation?