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Traffic & Vehicles

There is more traffic on Edmonton streets now than ever before.  Not surprisingly, most Edmontonians rank traffic safety as a top priority. The Edmonton Police Service acknowledges this and through enforcement, education, and partnering with other important road safety partners, EPS strives to improve the safety of our streets for everyone.

Whether it is our members responding to a neighbourhood complaint of speeding, members conducting Check Stop operationsDistracted Driving blitzes, or regular traffic enforcement, EPS members do what they can to work with the community.

It’s not just traffic related issues that the EPS educates the public about; they also teach citizens how to protect themselves and their vehicles or vehicle contents from being the target of theft. For most of us, our vehicles are the second largest purchase we make and protecting them is critical.

The Police Seized Vehicle Unit is the impound where most vehicles towed by Police and Bylaw Services are taken. They are responsible for the safe storage, release and disposal of over 20,000 vehicles each year.

Theft from Auto

Vehicle crime can happen to anyone - any vehicle is susceptible. EPS is asking you to be aware of the risks and take precautions. Read more...