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Caught on Camera

The Edmonton Police Service is asking for your help to identify these individuals Caught on Camera. If you have any information that may assist in identifying these individual(s) please contact the non-emergency complaint line or Crime Stoppers.

April 30-May 01, 2017 Theft and Fraud at several convenience store locations

EPS File #:17-063818
Suspects are: #1-White female, slim build, wearing a long olive green jacket, blue jeans, blue baseball cap, and black boots. #2-White male, with brown hair shaved on the sides (line shaved on the right side of his head), wearing a red hoody, dark pants, and using aluminum crutches. He has a large brace on his right leg in some of the surveillance. He is seen getting out of a red/orange Dodge car with a black stripe on the hood.
This male and female suspect used stolen bank/credit cards at multiple convenience stores. The victim's wallet was stolen from their hospital room while a patient there.

Multiple Frauds at multiple financial institutions on June 02,28 and August 11, 2016

EPS File #:17-041591
White male with a thin build, short reddish receding hair. A "tribal" looking tattoo is on his left upper arm.
This male suspect attended multiple financial institutions across the city and used stolen identity information to impersonate clients and withdraw thousands of dollars in cash. At times, he was accompanied by an unknown female.

Fraud Over $5000 between February and April 2017 at various locations

EPS File #:17-044781/17-051750/17-056446
Black male with brown eyes and short black receding hair.
Multiple Frauds in D Div (17-44781) West (17-056446) NE (17-51750) This male suspect is responsible for obtaining fraudulent bank accounts and loans from various financial institutions within the city. He is using fraudulent identification and documentation to open these accounts.

April 09, 2017 - Theft at 2020 101 Street

EPS File #:17-053118
#1 Suspect is male, white, late 20s- early 40s, medium build, taller, fohawk style hair, scruffy beard/goatee, side burns, darker hair, wearing aviator sunglasses, dark blue/black shirt with white writing, blue jacket, blue pants, Under Armour blue and white basketball shoes. #2 Suspect is female, white, late 20s- early 40s, short, long straight dark hair, medium build, wearing low cut long sleeve dark shirt, blue pants, black and grey shoes with white soles.
This male and female are caught on camera taking three Dewalt power tool products and exiting without making any attempts to pay for them. They left in a newer black Chevy Silverado truck.

January 03, 2017 - Cheque Frauds at various bank locations in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

Weight:heavy set
EPS File #:17-009886
Black female, heavy set, 30-45 years old. In the first set of photos the female has straight black hair. There is the possibility that there are two separate female suspects based on these surveillance stills.
This female suspect(s) was caught on surveillance at three different bank locations, depositing fraudulent cheques.

February 03, 2017 Theft of Sunglasses at Southgate Mall

EPS File #:17-021321
Male and female suspect
On February 03, 2017, at approximately 7:17 PM, this male and female suspect, entered a retail store at Southgate Mall and walked out with 11 pairs of designer sunglasses.

October 16-November 16, 2016 - Fraud Over $5000 at various Edmonton businesses and across Canada

EPS File #:16-156582
See the suspect stills of two black males.
These two male suspects went shopping at two separate businesses in Edmonton and used fraudulently obtained credit cards to make purchases totaling over $14,000.

December 17, 2016 - Theft/Fraud at 104 Avenue and 119 Street Fitness Club

DOB:20-30 years
Weight:160 pounds
EPS File #:16-184902
Dark skinned female aged 20-30 years old with brown eyes.
This female suspect used a stolen credit card to make a fraudulent purchase at a store in WEM.

September 06, 2016 Robbery at hotel near 151 Street and 111 Avenue

EPS File #:16-131228
See suspect stills
These suspect stills are of the getaway driver involved in a robbery at a hotel near 151 Street and 111 Avenue on September 06, 2016.

January 07, 2017 Mischief at WEM

Weight:Heavy set
EPS File #:17-005639
Caucasian male, dark shoulder length hair, scruffy beard and wearing a black and white jacket.
This male suspect defecated in a WEM business after it was closed. Staff found the "gifts" he left behind upon opening the next day as well as this video footage.
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