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Caught on Camera

The Edmonton Police Service is asking for your help to identify these individuals Caught on Camera. If you have any information that may assist in identifying these individual(s) please contact the non-emergency complaint line or Crime Stoppers.

March 26-April 06 - Theft of vehicle, trailer and equipment batteries in industrial areas.

EPS File #:18-047005
Suspect vehicle description: The suspect truck is believed to be an older white Ford F350/F450 regular cab dually with a flat deck and wooden sides. This truck also has five amber running lights on the roof, and clearance lights lower down on the wooden sides. There is some undistinguishable writing on the driver's door
This vehicle has been captured on surveillance video during multiple thefts, at night, in industrial areas. The suspect(s) are stealing batteries from vehicles, trailers, and various types of equipment.

May 17, 2018 Theft of bike at Commonwealth Stadium

DOB/Age:20-30 years
Weight:180 pounds
EPS File #:18-073208
Caucasian male with dirty blonde hair.
This male suspect stole a mountain bike that was locked up outside the Stadium Recreation Centre (111 Avenue and Stadium Road).

Break and Enters between March 5-23 in residential parkades near 164 Avenue and 50 Street and 160 Avenue and 95 Street

DOB/Age:mid 20s
EPS File #:18-035958 and 18-049685
Caucasian male, approximately 5’9” with a small goatee and short brown hair. He is believed to be in his mid-20s and reportedly wears a grey baseball cap and a dark windbreaker jacket. He has been seen using a purple BMX bicycle with green handlebar grips.
Police are searching for this suspect who is responsible for at least two recent Break and Enter/Thefts to residential parkades in northeast Edmonton.

January 18 and 23, 2018 - Mischiefs at two restaurants in Southwest and Downtown Division

EPS File #:18-013497 and 18-014209
Male Suspect: white, 5'10-6 feet tall, late 20s, scabs all over his face, a Chinese symbol on his neck, wearing a grey ballcap, blue jeans, white hoodie, and a small single-shoulder black backpack. Female suspect: white, wearing dark leggings, white sneakers, and what appears to be a white coat with a vest over top. She was carrying a small purse and an oversized tan purse.
This male and female suspect duo purchased live and dead mice from a nearby pet store before going into a south side restaurant. The suspects are seen walking towards the restaurant washrooms and shortly thereafter, live mice were coming out from the washroom.

January 20, 2018 - Mischief near 114 Street and 83 Avenue

DOB/Age:18-21 years
Weight:slim build
EPS File #:18-012321
Indigenous male, 18-21 years old, slim build.
This male suspect was walking along 114 Street (near 83 Avenue) with a group of 3 other people, when he jumped out onto a moving vehicle in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to get hit. The driver of this vehicle stopped to speak to this male but the suspect refused to stay and wait for police to respond. The suspect and the rest of the group got onto an ETS bus. The vehicle obtained damage to passenger side mirror.

January 03, 2018 - Assault near 118 Avenue and 64 Street bus stop

DOB/Age:18-25 years old
EPS File #:18-003268
Indigenous female with shoulder length dark hair, marks and/or scars on chin. She was wearing a white hoodie with writing under a black jacket and high top shoes.
This female suspect assaulted an unsuspecting person who was waiting for the bus at 118 Avenue and 64 Street.

July 03, 2018 - Theft of Van near 142 Avenue and 59 Street

EPS File #:18-098577
See still photo.
This female suspect called and met the owner of a van that was listed for sale on Kijiji. After going for a test ride, the suspect took off in the van after the owner exited the passenger side.

November 16, 2017 - Commercial Robbery at 114 Avenue and 106 Street

DOB/Age:20-25 years
EPS File #:17-169306
Indigenous male approximately 20-25 years old, wearing a light weight coat with hood. The coat was grey on the upper torso portion and sleeves dark grey/black. The number "072" in black print on the left side of the hood.
On November 16, 2017 at approximately 2:54PM, this lone male suspect walked into a liquor store, selected 5 bottles of rum and placed them in a sport style bag. The suspect was attempting to leave the store without paying when a witness and store employee stood in front of him. The suspect then produced a knife and left the store in a Northbound direction.

August 3, 2016 - Frauds at various bank locations in Edmonton totalling over $5000

DOB/Age:45-55 years old
Weight:medium to heavy build
EPS File #:16-114796
Caucasian male with shorter curly hair, close-set smaller eyes, various white coloured patches/discolouration on both hands/forearms.
This suspect made several fraudulent bank transactions utilizing identification belonging to another person.

August 28, 2017 - Theft of pictures at City Hall

EPS File #:17-126509
Native male with short grey hair, wearing a yellow t-shirt, black pants, white shoes, and glasses. He was carrying a black backpack.
This male suspect was caught on camera taking two prints from City Hall. The prints are 2x3 feet in size and are of the south side of City Hall and of the old City Hall building.
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