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Edmonton's Most Wanted

The following people are currently wanted by the Edmonton Police Service. The purpose of this website is to locate and arrest individuals who have outstanding warrants. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the names on this list are updated regularly; however, the information on this website may not always be current. If you can assist in locating any of these individuals, please contact the non-emergency complaint line at 780-423-4567 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477. If you have a warrant that you would like to attend to, please contact the non-emergency complaint line for information on your options.

Thanks to the information that you have provided, 27 people have been apprehended and 307 warrants have been executed since April 22, 2015. 

Last updated: June 12, 2015

Blair LaROSE

DOB:1991 Mar 25
Weight:170 lbs
EPS File #:
Black Hair; Brown Eyes.
LaROSE has a history of violence and should not be approached.

Shawn/ Michael RYAN

DOB:1989 Jun 10
Weight:202 lbs
EPS File #:
Blonde Hair; Blue Eyes.
RYAN has numerous warrants and should not be approached.


DOB:1982 Sep 01
Weight:194 lbs
EPS File #:
Birthmark on cheek, TATTOOS: Neck- Lightning bolt; Left Arm Sleeve - Tribal, Japanese Face; Back of the head - "SKINS"; Both Hands: Stars, Swallow, "RISE", "ABOV"; Right Arm Sleeve - Skulls, Wizard; Left Arm - Unicorn, Rose, Star & Small Unicorn; Right Arm - Panther with Sword, Skull
BEAUCHAMP has a history of violence and should not be approached.


DOB:1982 Mar 28
Weight:137 lbs
EPS File #:
Thin build; Brown hair.
KINCH has numerous outstanding property warrants.

Curtis/ Gordon WILLIAMS

DOB:1991 Mar 31
EPS File #:
Tattoos: Chest – SWASTIKA, Right hand – “SS”, Right forearm – CROSS. Blue eyes; Blonde hair.
WILLIAMS has a history of violence and weapons offences and should not be approached.

Steven / Jeffrey GIESLER

DOB:1991 Aug 20
Weight:190 lbs
EPS File #:
Brown hair. Tattoos: Upper Back – DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, Right Hand – “NORTHSIDE” and STARS on fingers, Left Hand – “SOUTHSIDE”, Right Forearm – “GIESLER”, Chest – “CARLY”, Left Thigh – COBRA.
GIESLER has a history of violence and should not be approached.


DOB:1995 Jan 31
Weight:141 lbs
EPS File #:
Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair
HINTON has a history of violence and should not be approached.


DOB:1983 Aug 18
Weight:150 lbs
EPS File #:
Numerous scars, thin build. brown hair, brown eyes
BEAVER has a history of weapons offences and violence and should not be approached

Myron/ Steven BOWLES

DOB:1977 Oct 05
Weight:230 lbs
EPS File #:
Tattoos: Neck – “JR”, Left Arm – PLAYBOY BUNNY, CROSS, WING, SKULL, Left Wrist – “JR”, Abdomen – ROSE, “BRENDAN”, “BRITTANY”, TWO FEATHERS, TWO WOMEN on left and right side, NATIVE PRIDE, Upper torso – LARGE SKULL w/ CROSSBONES, “BOWLES”, JOKER, REAPER, Left Calf – “M”, Right Calf – “M.A.”.
BOWLES is a Federal prisoner with a history of violence, weapons and sex related offences and should not be approached.

Michael/ Dale OKTABA

DOB:1989 Oct 05
Weight:310 lbs
EPS File #:
Heavy build, Tattoos: Left Forearm – “FOREVER N ALWAYS” and CROSS with TWO “L’s”, Right Forearm – ‘LOYAL” and HEART OUTLINED WITH BARBED WIRE and “MOM”, Right hand – “82” and “MOD”.
OKTABA has a history of weapons offences and should not be approached
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