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Online Dating Safety

Online dating websites and smartphone apps have become a leading way for people to find their next romance. But, as with any interactions online, whether it's buying and selling items, social media accounts or even banking, users need to understand the risks that can be associated with online dating.

When it's online:

  • At the beginning, keep the personal details that you share to a minimum
    • Don’t use your real name as your username
    • Don’t reveal details about where you live, work, or places you’ll be going
    • Message over the app or website instead of giving out your personal phone number.
  • Do not share images if you don’t feel comfortable with them being public
  • Remember that people are not always who they say are. If you are suspicious of someone report them to the app or website.
  • Do not feel pressured to meet someone if you aren’t comfortable.
  • Look in to a person’s online presence. If they have other social media accounts, be sure the details of these accounts match up with what they have told you about themselves. Ask yourself questions- do they have the social media presence you would expect?

When/if you decide to meet someone:

  • Be clear about your expectations and ensure that you are both on the same page.
  • Meet in public, stay in public.
    • Do not meet for the first time at the person’s home, or invite the person to your home.
    • Meet at the public location instead of accepting a ride from the person you are meeting.
  • Tell someone you trust where you are going and who you are meeting.
  • If you become uncomfortable with the date or the person, leave.
  • Always trust your gut.