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Neighbourhood Empowerment Teams

N.E.T. is a partnership with: City of Edmonton Community Services, Edmonton Police Service, The Family Centre, and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.

Strong communities and shared responsibility for crime prevention are at the foundation of the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (N.E.T.) program. Teams work with residents, businesses and organizations, building sustainable solutions to crime and disorder. N.E.T. promotes and supports participation in crime prevention activities, building on strengths that exist in all communities.

A typical N.E.T. team is made up of a City of Edmonton Capacity Builder, an Edmonton Police Service Constable and a Youth Liaison from The Family Centre, offering a diverse mix of social, policing and youth services to the community.

Currently, N.E.T. teams are deployed in five Edmonton neighbourhoods: 118th Avenue, Inglewood, Queen Alexandra, Killarney and Forest Heights

View a list of N.E.T. contacts in your neighbourhood.

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