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Community Roll Call


Downtown Division has started a new initiative, “Community Roll Call and Inspection.”

Officers start their parade outside in the community and invite stakeholders like businesses and community leagues around the neighbourhood to take part in this event.

“The goal of Community Roll Call is to continue to build relationships between officers and community members as well as encourage positive interactions and conversations,” says Sgt. David Jones. “The senior officers preform an inspection of the squad’s uniform and then they have an opportunity to connect with the community they patrol.” 

The EPS received positive feedback from the Central McDougall and 107 Avenue Community after Down Division held their first outdoor community roll call on May 16, 2016 in the area of 107 Avenue 104 Street.

It was so nice to see all the police out in our community. This public display was very important to our neighbourhood. This was the very first one that EPS has done this and they chose to have it here.

We would like to thank all involved for making this happen. I truly believe this sends a strong message to those who choose to cause issues in Central McDougall and more importantly it sends a powerful message to our residents. Our police force is visible, approachable, caring and concerned about us.

Central McDougall Community League

It was really great witnessing the parade this morning and a great opportunity meeting the EPS members of our district.

When there is an opportunity in the future to have another parade in the community, with your permission, we would like to invite a wider community audience and create a bigger event. I think everyone should see it, it was amazing!

Thanks as always for the wonderful work you do in central McDougall and we always look forward to a great community partnership. 

Central McDougall resident and business owner